Beet Tops and Courgette Phyllo Tartlets {lower-carb, low-fat +vegan option}

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 beet tops and courgette phyllo tartletI didn’t scare you off with the beet tops, did I? Good. It’s just that with beets coming in thick and fast (with any luck), I’ve discovered that these brilliant, long-stemmed leaves can also be put to good use. And seeing as a one-cup cooked serving offers 220% of vitamin A, 60% of vitamin C, 16% of calcium, and 15% of iron I suppose it would be churlish not to. Wouldn’t it?

I haven’t always been so aware of their value. For years I have been willy-nilly hacking off the pretty red-veined leaves and composting them. This makes for very nutritious compost, I’m sure. But a few years ago I saw something on good old, much-maligned Twitter about using beet greens with pasta and, after a few plays around, I hit upon my own really quite delectable stir-fried beet green ‘sauce.’ Well, it isn’t quite a sauce, more of a topping. I will share it very…

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Who was dreading planting their garden this year in between all the rain, cold weather, or because it is just so much work?  What sort of produce has your garden gave you this year?  Here is a link to a website all about canning, which will preserve all that home grown food for the next up and coming winter, 

Country Smoke House we only purchase non GMO produce for sale to our loyal customers (that is why our price is a little higher then corporate stores). All our produce we purchase locally from farmers because we believe in supporting our local farmers with great product. 

Do you buy your produce or grow a garden?


4th of July Hot Dogs

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Happy 4th of July! Have a fun filled, relaxing weekend, and be safe while traveling.
What are you going to grill up this holiday weekend? July is National Hot Dog Month, so why not hot dogs.

Did you know more than 150 million hot dogs will be consumed on 4th of July?

What is your favorite Hot Dog or Sausage variety? Here at Country Smoke House we have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

•Frankfurters/Skinless Dogs
•Grand Champ Viennas
•Cheddar Bacon Viennas
•Venison Viennas
•Buffalo Viennas
•Kosher Viennas
•Kosher Jalapeno Viennas

All our hot dogs are made with sea salt and are gluten free!

Check out the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council for more fun facts!

CSH Nitrate Info

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CSH Products

Nitrate & Nitrates

Sources of Nitrate include vegetables, fruit & processed meats.

A Nitrate is an ANTIOXIDANT.

There are much higher Nitrate counts in many vegetables & fruits

than there is in hot dogs and other processed meats.

80% of dietary nitrates are derived from vegetable consumption.

Nitrates in our products are derived from Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, &

curing salts that are used in Smoked products only.

Without these salts, smoked products will turn out colorless,

bland in flavor, & no self life. (salt/nitrates enhance flavor,

promote coloring & provide a bit longer shelf life.)

Fresh Sausages & Cooked Sausage (boiled or Steamed, not

smoked) do not have nitrates; (grey or white in color)

Nitrites turn into Nitrates after fermenting for hours.

You eat, vac package, freeze or loose our products.

We Vacuum Package to prolong the shelf life 7-14 days.

We do not use gas flush with vac packaging as many others do; to

prolong shelf life. They also use bad additives to prolong

shelf life to 120 days. These additives are long words that

you can’t even pronounce; We do not use these additives.




MSG: This is a flavor enhancer. Chinese food uses it in large quantities.

Many get headaches & feel tired & sluggish after eating high

amounts of MSG. Lawry’s season salt has MSG.

The only products that still have very little MSG in it are:

  • Wild Game snak stix, salami & jerky. (But not Beef, Ham or any wild game BBQ snak stix or salami.

We have not had any reports of MSG side effects after eating

our products because the contents is so very mi-nute.

We are continually weaning it out of our product; Almost there!


Middle of Pork, Apple Sauce

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Country Smoke House:

A great family night dinner!

Originally posted on Grub Blog:

Middle of Pork, Apple Sauce

A forgotten cut of pork and definitely my favourite – middle of pork combines the tenderness of loin with the flavour of belly. The belly also bastes the loin whilst cooking to ensure it remains super moist and tender.

Get your butcher to leave just enough belly attached to the loin to ensure the skin wraps around fully but does not overlap – which will help achieve some great crackling.

This is a simple recipe for perfectly cooked pork middle with apple sauce. Great served with roasted root vegetables.

Middle of Pork, Apple Sauce
Serves 6-10


For the Pork: 1 Half Middle of Pork (Rolled and tied as above and skin scored), Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Olive Oil, 1 Garlic Bulb (Halved), Handful Thyme Sprigs

For the Apple Sauce: 6 Cooking Apples (Peeled, Cored and Chopped), 25g Unsalted Butter, Caster Sugar, Zest 1/2 Lemon, Fresh Nutmeg

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Country Smoke House Steer
Country Smoke House Steer

This grill can beef up your battery life

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Country Smoke House:

How cool is this, no need to camp at sites with electric hook ups!

Originally posted on Eatocracy:

The Biolite Basecamp transforms heat into an electric charge that can power devices through a USB port.

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Grilled Fish – Mackerel accompanied with vegetables

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Country Smoke House:

Yum…. Try this with our Smoked Whitefish!

Originally posted on alifemoment:

Grilled Fish - Grilled Mackerel

We went to the supermarket the other day and came across this fresh Mackerel fish “which was quite cheap, 1 pound each” and since I had 1 courgette/zucchini and some potatoes left on the kitchen, my husband came up with this idea of grilling the fish and accompany it with the vegetables. We loved the results because this fish recipe was not only easy to make but quick and cheap. I highly recommend trying it!

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How to Grill in a Monsoon: Smoked Meat Loaf Sandwiches

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Country Smoke House:

Sounds like Michigan Lately!

Originally posted on Patrons of the Pit:

It has been a soggy few days in paradise. I know the monsoon season has never even heard of Minnesota, but here lately I tell you, you would have been hard pressed toIMG_80301 enlighten me otherwise. Flash floods, and torrents of falling water. Gales like Joshua’s trumpets. Lightening bolts the shape of Idaho. Thunder so loud you swear mother earth had just split at the seam. Everybody, even the resident ducks, were to take cover from the tempest, huddled in our respective shelters, listening to the rain drum over the roof like pitch forks and hammer handles. Magnificent weather, to say the least. You cannot deny. But a might challenging, shall we say, in which to go outside and light the BBQ. What’s a pit jockey to do! Eventually tho, and mercifully, all the flags suddenly went limp, and a golden shaft of light pierced down from a gray…

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