Homemade “Clean” Lunchmeat

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Country Smoke House customers feel the benefits to eating our homemade “clean meats”. We have people who swear that their symptoms from various illnesses are greatly decreased because of what they eat from the Country Smoke House verse other brands.  The difference between us and other manufacturers is the quality of meats and spices that we use.

Country Smoke House lunch meats are made with prime cuts of whole muscle meat and smoked with natural hardwood smoke.  The majority of lunch meats made by other manufacturers is ground or chunked, reconstructed, mixed with chemical gelatin’s and fillers, and finally pressed to reform into a block of lunch meat.

Here at Country Smoke House we would not serve your family anything that we would not feed our own family. Try our homemade lunch meat and see the difference of taste and feel of Country Smoke House products.  You will taste the difference!

Visit us in store or shop online today! www.countrysmokehouse.com


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