Our Story

My wife and I started a hobby of processing deer in our one car garage in the village of Almont, Michigan in 1988. We were just looking to make some extra money. We quickly out grew that tiny garage and built a new shop in 1991 on Van Dyke north of Almont where we are currently located. Through the years our customer base has increased, mostly by word of mouth and very little advertising. Every year we have acquired more equipment to improve the quality of our products and increase production to meet demands.

By 1998, we found the need for more working space so we started adding on. We also added a Gourmet Meats & Specialty food retail store to our existing building. We opened our new store in March of 2000 and we have already found we’ve outgrown this building. Our Next step is to add on in 3 phases.
Phase 1 A 2750sq ft. addition to the south end of the building will be coolers, offices, storage, and employee welfare.
Phase 2 This will be used for processing and manufacturing sausage. Approximately 16,000sq ft. will allow us to be federally inspected there for we can franchise or wholesale our product.
Phase 3 A bigger retail store, also expanding the gourmet meat cases, offering cooked and prepared meats, and cooler space. This phase will be 5,500 sq ft. for a Grand Total of 35,000sq ft.

We owe the success of the Country Smoke House to the terrific staff that we have, and most of all, our loyal customers. Our reputation is spreading fast by those who pass the good news on to their friends and family. We are known in many parts of the country for our award-winning wild game sausage, jerky, and other gourmet meats. We are grateful to all of our customers and staff who have made Country Smoke House successful and for its continued growth.

Sincerely, The Francis Family: Steve, Suzanne, Stephen Jr, Stan & Stephanie.


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