This grill can beef up your battery life

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How cool is this, no need to camp at sites with electric hook ups!


The Biolite Basecamp transforms heat into an electric charge that can power devices through a USB port.

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Country Smoke House in 30 Seconds

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Grilled Fish – Mackerel accompanied with vegetables

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Yum…. Try this with our Smoked Whitefish!


Grilled Fish - Grilled Mackerel

We went to the supermarket the other day and came across this fresh Mackerel fish “which was quite cheap, 1 pound each” and since I had 1 courgette/zucchini and some potatoes left on the kitchen, my husband came up with this idea of grilling the fish and accompany it with the vegetables. We loved the results because this fish recipe was not only easy to make but quick and cheap. I highly recommend trying it!

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How to Grill in a Monsoon: Smoked Meat Loaf Sandwiches

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Sounds like Michigan Lately!

Patrons of the Pit

It has been a soggy few days in paradise. I know the monsoon season has never even heard of Minnesota, but here lately I tell you, you would have been hard pressed toIMG_80301 enlighten me otherwise. Flash floods, and torrents of falling water. Gales like Joshua’s trumpets. Lightening bolts the shape of Idaho. Thunder so loud you swear mother earth had just split at the seam. Everybody, even the resident ducks, were to take cover from the tempest, huddled in our respective shelters, listening to the rain drum over the roof like pitch forks and hammer handles. Magnificent weather, to say the least. You cannot deny. But a might challenging, shall we say, in which to go outside and light the BBQ. What’s a pit jockey to do! Eventually tho, and mercifully, all the flags suddenly went limp, and a golden shaft of light pierced down from a gray…

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At Country Smoke House we are offering Free Shipping to Fathers for Fathers Day!  Go to Country Smoke House and select which items you want to ship and receive free ground shipping for online orders over $55.00!  In the PROMO CODE enter: FATHERS14

Gift Box
Gift Box for Father’s Day

Snak Stix

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Country Smoke House Snak Stix
Country Smoke House Snak Stix

With the busy Summer approaching we are always looking for healthy snacks for the family.  What better snack then a healthy gluten free Snak Stix?  Our Snak Stix’s are homemade with only the best cuts of meat and the perfect blend of specialty spices.  These Snak Stix’s are perfect for the drive home to tide you over before dinner or for the children who need a snack before or after sports.  They are made in a variety of flavors.  A few of the flavors are Venison Jalapeno Cheese, Venison Cheddar Cheese, Venison Cherry Cheddar, Venison BBQ, Beef BBQ, Elk Jalapeno Pepper, Buffalo Mild, Turkey, Hawaiian, etc. Our Snak Stix’s are able to be shipped all over the world and even to soldiers serving overseas.

Best Southern BBQ in the North

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Our BBQ cabin out front of our store location in Almont, MI attracts hundreds of customers in one weekend from the aroma of the food cooking to the taste of down home cooking .  Our homemade products that are sold in the store and online are cooked in the cabin every weekend (Friday to Sunday) and has became a destination to visit while in Michigan.  Some of the items cooked and prepared right in front of our customers are Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich, Buffalo Burgers, Chicken Wraps, Turkey Drum Stick, etc.

Order and enjoy your “Best Southern BBQ in the North” and dine outside with our humongous steer!

Check out our BBQ menu!

Country Smoke House Steer
Country Smoke House Steer

Homemade “Clean” Lunchmeat

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Country Smoke House customers feel the benefits to eating our homemade “clean meats”. We have people who swear that their symptoms from various illnesses are greatly decreased because of what they eat from the Country Smoke House verse other brands.  The difference between us and other manufacturers is the quality of meats and spices that we use.

Country Smoke House lunch meats are made with prime cuts of whole muscle meat and smoked with natural hardwood smoke.  The majority of lunch meats made by other manufacturers is ground or chunked, reconstructed, mixed with chemical gelatin’s and fillers, and finally pressed to reform into a block of lunch meat.

Here at Country Smoke House we would not serve your family anything that we would not feed our own family. Try our homemade lunch meat and see the difference of taste and feel of Country Smoke House products.  You will taste the difference!

Visit us in store or shop online today!

About Our Special Products

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This is our Bacon Bliss (Candy Bacon).  Sold online or in our store.
This is our Bacon Bliss (Candy Bacon). Sold online or in our store.

Country Smoke House products are 100% homemade and are gluten free!

These products will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but will put a little bite in your mouth, With our special blend of spices and mixture of vegetables and fruits your mouth will stay watering wanting more.

At our state of the art facility, we create new mixtures of spices to combine with our  Wild Game and Domestic Meats; Venison, Elk, Buffalo, Beef, Turkey, or Pheasant to get a new exciting product.  Our products range from Salami, Snak Stix, and Jerky to Bratz, Hot Dogs, and Kielbasa.  Our state of the art smokers allow us to smoke our own products to allow them to be shipped all over the country within a reasonable time (beings it is still perishable goods).  Our salami, Snak Stix, and Jerky can be shipped to soldiers who are overseas and still taste just a good as when it was packaged because we seal our products for freshness.