Huntin’ Time Expo

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Have you always wanted to try our products, but live on the west side of Michigan?  Well now is your time to try our products! We will have a booth at the Huntin’ Time Expo in Grand Rapids, MI January 29 – 31, 2016.




About Our Special Products

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This is our Bacon Bliss (Candy Bacon).  Sold online or in our store.
This is our Bacon Bliss (Candy Bacon). Sold online or in our store.

Country Smoke House products are 100% homemade and are gluten free!

These products will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but will put a little bite in your mouth, With our special blend of spices and mixture of vegetables and fruits your mouth will stay watering wanting more.

At our state of the art facility, we create new mixtures of spices to combine with our  Wild Game and Domestic Meats; Venison, Elk, Buffalo, Beef, Turkey, or Pheasant to get a new exciting product.  Our products range from Salami, Snak Stix, and Jerky to Bratz, Hot Dogs, and Kielbasa.  Our state of the art smokers allow us to smoke our own products to allow them to be shipped all over the country within a reasonable time (beings it is still perishable goods).  Our salami, Snak Stix, and Jerky can be shipped to soldiers who are overseas and still taste just a good as when it was packaged because we seal our products for freshness.